Sunlight For A Leaner Body

In a recent study, researchers found that there is a direct relationship between morning light exposure and a person’s BMI (body mass index). Participants were monitored for natural light exposure, the timing of that exposure, and compared it to their bodyweights. It was found that those who received the most natural light, particularly earlier in the day, were more likely to have a lower BMI and smaller waistline.

Even after factoring in other potential influences like calorie intake, physical activity and sleep duration, those who experienced the most natural light before noon still had a significantly lower BMI. This study confirms what other studies have shown, in that exposure to natural light has a positive influence on appetite control and metabolism, resulting in a healthier BMI.

Bottom line: Get at least 20 minutes of natural light in the morning while avoiding excessive unnatural light exposure at night from fluorescent lights, smart phone and tablet backlighting, computers and TV’s.