When Jesus was in the desert for 40 days being tempted, Satan began the first two temptations with "if you are the Son of God..." One of the primary warfare schemes of the Devil is to question your identity. The most powerful words anyone can utter are "I Am" because these two words signify who you are. In other words, these words define your identity. If you pay attention to the Devil and this world, you will hear statements like "I am not good enough," I am poor", I am fat," I am depressed," I am not smart enough," and so on. Most people fail to realize their true identity because they do not know the Truth. 


According to the Word of God, if you are in Christ, you are a new person and have a brand new identity. Your "I Am" is changed permanently to "I am God's child, I am justified by faith, I am healed, I am a saint, I am a holy one, I am blessed with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly realms," and "I am loved by God." The only way to start embracing your new identity is to realize the truth and meditate on the real Truth - God's Word. The Bible says, "if you continue in my Word, you are my disciples indeed, and you will know the true and the truth will set you free."


Wellness Tip:

Stop believing the lies of the Devil and this world about who you are and starting feeding on the Truth about who you truly are - you are a new person in Christ and have a new identity in Him.