There are over 38 documented cases of healing in the New Testament, and in every miracle healing, the key ingredient was faith.  Christ never turned down anyone that requested healing and in many cases where He healed a person, he said, “Your faith has made you well.” It is interesting to note that Christ healed everywhere he traveled except one place: His hometown.  He was limited in His power to heal by the unbelief of the people where He grew up.  They did not see Christ as the Messiah or the Healer, but instead saw Him as Joseph and Mary’s boy.  Christ was limited in performing His miracles by their unbelief.

As powerful as our God is, we can limit Him by our unbelief (Psalm 78:41).  Nowhere is this more prevalent than in our world today.  We limit the mighty power of God in healing, prosperity and the abundant life by our unbelief.  God’s power is always on, transmitting through His Holy spirit into our lives every single day.  However, we turn off His transmission with our unbelief.  It’s like the story of the woman who had electricity wired into her house for the first time, and when night came she did not have any lights.  She could not figure out what the problem was, so she called the power company and had them check out the problem.  After a thorough inspection by the power company, they found no problem with the power to the house or the wiring inside.  The problem, they found, was that the light switch was not turned on.  The woman had all the power she needed to light and power her house, but did not realize that she needed to turn on the switch in order to receive the power.  That is similar to God’s power today.  As believers, we are wired with God’s power by His Holy Spirit living inside of us, but our unbelief has turned the power switch off, limiting God’s blessings in our life, such as healing, prosperity and the abundant life.

Wellness Application:

Are you limiting God’s power in your life by feeding on unbelief?  Are you saying things contrary to the Word of God?  That is unbelief.  Are you viewing things that oppose God’s Word?  That is unbelief.  Are you listening to things that go against the Truth of God?  That is unbelief.  Take an inventory of your daily thoughts and actions to see if they line up with the Word of God.