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About Sam Varner

  • Sam Varner is an author, coach, professional speaker and expert in the field of health and wellness.
  • He has degrees in Nutrition and Biology from NC State University.
  • He is the former Director of Wellness at The Cliffs Communities in the Carolinas.
  • He is the former Director of Fitness for Pebble Beach in California.
  • Sam was the assistant Strength and Conditioning coach of the Clemson Football Team - 1981 National Champions and 1982 Orange Bowl winner.
  • He has trained 7 Olympic medalists including Tommy Moe and Picabo Street.
  • Sam has trained many actors, celebrities and professional athletes including Faye Dunaway, Karl Malone and Ed Ames
  • He was a guest of Focus on the Family and President George Bush at the White House in May 2005 for the National Day of Prayer
  • Sam Varner is the author of 4 books:
  • He is currently working on his 5th book: Living Wellness: Wellness Based On The Word of God.