Emotions & Health

  1. What are Emotions?
    1. A Biochemical & Electrical Energy Response To Stimuli
    2. A Class Of Feelings With Manifestations In The Physical And Mental Realm
  2. Meaning of Emotions
    1. From The Latin Root Emovere Meaning To Move Out
      1. Movere Means To Motivate
      2. To Stir Up Or Motivate
  3. Purpose of Emotions
    1. Emotions Signal Perceived Pain Or Pleasure
    2. Emotions Act To Motivate Us
    3. Book that describes how emotions can us: 
      1. “Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers”
  4. Scientific fact:
    1. There Are 90 Muscles In Your Face The Sole Purpose Of 30 Of Your Face Muscles Is To Show Emotion
  5. What is your emotional inventory? (See appendix A)
    1. Dis-Empowering Emotions
      1. Apathy (List top 3 from your inventory list)
        1. ________________________________________
        2. ________________________________________
        3. ________________________________________
      2. Grief (List top 3 from your inventory list)
        1. ________________________________________
        2. ________________________________________
        3. ________________________________________
      3. Fear (List top 3 from your inventory list)
        1. ________________________________________
        2. ________________________________________
        3. ________________________________________
      4. Lust (List top 3 from your inventory list)
        1. ________________________________________
        2. ________________________________________
        3. ________________________________________
      5. anger (List top 3 from your inventory list)
        1. ________________________________________
        2. ________________________________________
        3. ________________________________________
      6. pride (List top 3 from your inventory list)
        1. ________________________________________
        2. ________________________________________
        3. ________________________________________
    2. Empowering Emotions
      1. Courage
      2. Acceptance
      3. Love
      4. Peace
  6. Emotions and your health
    1. Pencil demonstration
  7. God’s Word:
    1. Let Him have (cast) all your worries and cares for He is always thinking about you and watching everything that concerns you.” I Peter 5:7
    2. “Give Your Burdens To The Lord!  He Will Carry Them.” Psalm 55:22
  8. How emotions affect your health
    1. In A 10-year Study, Individuals Who Were Less Successful In Managing Their Emotional Stress Had A 40% Higher Death Rate Than “Non-stressed” Individuals.
    2. In A 13 Year Study, Those Diagnosed With Major Depression Had A 4½ Times Greater Risk Of Heart Attack Compared To Those Of No History Of Depression.
    3. A Heart Disease Study At The Mayo Clinic Found That Psychological Stress Was The Strongest Predictor Of Future Cardiac Events.
    4. In A 25 Year Study At The UNC, It Was Determined That Those Who Score Highest In Hostility Were 5 Times More Likely To Die Of Heart Disease.  They Were 7 Times More Likely To Die By The Age Of 50.
    5. In A San Diego University Study It Was Found That Chronic Back Pain Is Directly Associated With Chronic Stress And Worry.
  9. Case study: The Lester Levinson Story
    1. 1952: He Developed Severe Heart Disease
    2. Told By 3 Doctors He Was Terminal
    3. At Age 42 he was Sent Home To Die
    4. He Used His Knowledge Of Physics To Learn About Releasing Energy
    5. He Lived To 84
    6. Why Did He Live 42 Years After 3 Doctors Told Him He Wouldn’t?
    7. He learned how emotions affect health & how to let go
  10. Dealing with negative emotions
    1. How Do Most Adults Deals With Negative Emotions? (Group Discussion)
    2. How Do Children Deal With Negative Emotions?
  11. Five (5) ways of handling emotions
    1. Suppress the Emotion (Natural)
      1. This Is The Most Harmful Way Of Handling Negative Feelings.
      2. Suppressing Feelings Causes A Build-up Of Repressed Energy (Distress), Which Eventually Drives You To Behave In Ways You Don’t Like Or That Are Unhealthy.
      3. Suppressed Negative Feelings Eventually Take Their Toll On Your Physical Health.
    2. Escape From the Emotion (Natural)
      1. You Turn On The TV, Go Shopping, Smoke, Overeat Or Drink, Etc.,  Anything To Distract You From That Unsettling Emotion. It Doesn‘t Go Away.  It‘s Still There.  It Goes Underground, Taking Its Toll On You Even Though You‘re Not Aware Of It.
    3. Express the Emotion (Natural)
      1. Expressing Puts The Negative Emotion Into Action And Can Give You A Short-term Sense Of Relief.
      2. However, It Does Not Eliminate The Negative Feeling But Simply Relieves The Pressure For A Short Time.
      3. Example Of “Expressing” is Getting Angry And Hitting, striking out.
    4. Release the Emotion (Natural)
      1. Releasing The Emotion Allows You To Let Go Of The Negative Feeling Itself.
      2. This Is A Healthy Way To Handle Negative Emotions.
      3. When You Surrender It To God, You Eliminate The Toxic Emotion.
      4. Unreleased Negative Emotions Are Roadblocks To God’s Purpose For You In Life. (Strongholds Of The Devil)
    5. Replace with the TRUTH (Supernatural)
      1. By Feeding On The Truth And Absorbing God’s Word Into Your Heart, You Allow God’s Love & His Supernatural Power To Cast Out All Your Hurts, Fears and Debilitating Negative Emotions
      2. Understanding Your True Identity In Christ & Your Total Forgiveness From God Allows You To Accept God’s Cleansing Love
  12. God’s Word:
    1. “And the most important piece of clothing you must wear is love.  Love is what binds us all together in perfect harmony.  And let the peace that comes from Christ rule in your hearts.” Colossians 3:15
    2. “There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear...” I John 4:18a (KJV)
  13. Natural Ways of Releasing Negative emotions
    1. Laughing
    2. Crying
    3. Sharing With A Friend Or Professional
    4. Gratitude – Write An Appreciation List (Brain Scan)
    5. Journaling – Releasing On Paper (Pebble Beach Story)
    6. Practice Forgiveness
  14. Supernatural Ways of releasing negative emotions
    1. Meditating On God’s Word (Truth)
      1. God’s Word Mixed With Faith Are The Antidote To Negative Emotions
    2. Absorbing God’s Word Into Your Heart (Truth)
    3. Realize How Much God Loves You (1 John 4:18)
    4. Eliminate Unbelief (Discarding The Lies)
    5. Praying In Faith
  15. God’s Word is the antidote to negative emotions
    1. Apathy – Psalm 42:11
    2. Grief – 2 Corinthians 1:3-4
    3. Fear – 1 John 4:18, Philippians 4:6
    4. Lust – Psalm 90:14, Psalm 107:9
    5. Anger – Ephesians 4:2
    6. Pride – Proverbs 11:2
    1. “If Christians Just Had A True Revelation Of Who They Are And What They Have In Christ, They Would Live Holy Lives Out Of Love Without The Negative Effect Of Fear.” Andrew Womack
    2. “Your Focus Decides Your Feelings.”
    3. “Fix Your Eyes On Jesus.” (Heb 12:2)
  17. Bottom Line
    1. Emotions Are A Natural Response To Stimuli Designed To Motivate Us In A Positive Way
    2. Failure To Process & Release Negative Emotions Leads To Sickness, Disease & Broken Relationships
    3. The Most Effective Way To Deal With Negative Emotions Is To Release Them To God And Replace Them With The Truth (Romans 12:2)
    4. His Word Purifies Your Heart & Satisfies Your Soul
  18. Assignment:
    1. Find & Meditate On The Scriptural “Antidote” To Your Top 6 Negative Emotions
    2. Write A Letter (Optional)
      1. To Someone You Have Hurt
      2. To Someone Who Has Hurt You